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SpamSieve hang with Outlook 2011

Have used SpamSieve successfully for years with no problem. Recently SS 2.8.6 is hanging with Outlook 2011 14.1.2. When it does, SS shows as “not responding” in Activity Monitor. Outlook shows as “not responding” some of the time. Force quitting SS frees Outlook which then functions normally. Applying a “Train as spam” script to an e-mail then relaunches SS which works normally for a while but sometimes reverts to “not responding”.

Have rebuilt Outlook database, deleted & reinstalled SS scripts, checked rules, set SS to start on login - all to no avail.

e-m accounts are one Exchange one & 2 IMAP ones.

I attach screenshots of process samples of SS & Outlook when not responding. Will post screenshots of rules separately.

In the Finder, please hold down the Option key and choose Go > Library. Inside the Library folder, you’ll find the InputManagers folder. Inside that, if you see CTLoader, please drag it to the trash and SpamSieve should work again.

CTLoader is a third-party haxie utility that most users don’t need or want and that interferes with various software such as SpamSieve.

Many thanks Michael - that seems to work. The toolbar I had installed which caused this was, I think, “TranslatorBar 1.1 Community Toolbar”; a language translator.

Your support for SpamSieve here is excellent - quick, logical, jargon free and acronym free replies. Thank you.