SpamSieve Icon on desktop .

Hello to all. New guy here.

Just installed SpamSieve on my M2 Air and I do not seem to be able to remove the icon off the desktop. Is that supposed to stay there or can it be hidden? I’m also not able to install it on the dock . . . likely something I’m doing wrong but I don’t know for sure . . . anybody else experience the same issue and maybe have a workaround?

It should not be visible on the desktop. It sounds like the app didn’t get installed, and you’re just running it from the disk image. To fix this:

  1. Quit SpamSieve and your mail program.
  2. Open the SpamSieve-2.9.51 volume on your desktop.
  3. Drag the icon from there to your Applications folder.
  4. Eject the SpamSieve-2.9.51 volume.
  5. Double-click the icon in your Applications folder to launch it.

thank you for your quick reply. It solved the problem as far as I know :ok_hand:

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