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SpamSieve in Postbox 3 keeps returning mail marked as "Not Junk" to Junk folder

No matter that I can repeatedly mark posts received as “Not Junk” in either of several ways, from the icon in the menu bar, from the “Message>Mark” drop down menu, and even after adding addresses from posters to the Address Book or the extreme of marking posters as “favorites” the messages go to the Inbox of that account and then are almost instantaneously returned as “Junk”

This happens primarily on one machine (I have two laptops and a Mac Pro I use regularly), a Mac Book Air. All machines are running Mavericks 10.9.x in the current version. All point to the same ISP servers for mail. This particular account is on an Exchange server at Microsoft serving for mail and smtp for my primary mail account, part of a domain I own.

This has been going on for a year, and is now beyond annoying. It doesn’t matter how I change SpamSieve Preference settings, how many times I update the SpamSieve plug-in for Postbox, or re-install it.

The messages it chooses to revert to Junk status are random, but seem to derive from the same sources, and are all opt-in accounts where I have an ID.

Nothing explains this

Based on what you’ve written here, it doesn’t sound like SpamSieve is doing this. It may be a server filter moving the messages, because unless you’ve configured it otherwise, SpamSieve will never classify messages from people in the address book as spam.

However, I would be happy to look into this further if you e-mail me the information requested under If you have good messages in your Spam mailbox.

Also, on how many of the Macs is SpamSieve installed?

Answers to M Tsai’s questions…

I’ll check the server (it’s an Exchange server, using MSFT 365Office Online email server services for my main email address); which is a real pain in the ass in terms of getting to the server settings for handling what it considers (or shouldn’t consider) junk.

The strange thing is, as I said, it seems to happen to one machine in particular more than that other two… to answer your question: SpamSieve is on three machines, two laptops (a MacBook Air 13 and a MacBook Pro 15Retina) and a desktop (Mac Pro), each of which is used for a different purpose and only by me. That is, there are no other users on any machine. The problem is most evident on the MacBook Air. If I correct false positives (mail marked erroneously as Junk) on the other two machines, it stays in the Inbox it’s supposed to be in, and this also seems (I’m not sure, actually) to straighten out the MacBook Air, at least temporarily… until another batch of mail arrives.

I’ll send the email you request with the information you request.

In the meantime, I see that SpamSieve really should be running only on one machine to prevent this kind of thing… I’ll turn it off two of the machines. I use the MacBook Air on the regular basis (except for production work), so I think it makes most sense to use that one.

I use PostBox 3.0.9 and Apple Mail 7.2 and all machines are operating under Mavericks 10.9.2

There are ways to make that work, but please make sure that you’re using one of the approved setups in SpamSieve and Multiple Macs. Otherwise, you can run into problems where training one copy of SpamSieve doesn’t train the others, and their accuracy rapidly declines.


If you do switch to one, you should probably reset the corpus and retrain it, to clear out any incorrect information that was learned.