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SpamSieve instead of SaneBox?

Hi, I am new to this forum. And I did a search for this topic but did not find exactly what I was looking for.

I can see that some of you use both SpamSieve and SandBox. I have been using SaneBox for a couple of years. It has really helped. I know that SpamSieve and SaneBox do not really do the same things. But I probably do not need all the features and power of SaneBox. SandBox is pretty pricey for me since I do not use my mail for work or business related activities. I am having a hard time justifying the price. On the other hand I stopped using SaneBox once before and could not stand personally managing the flood of irrelevant emails.

As a lifelong learner I am just drowning in documentation and information that I need to retrieve regularly. In fact, I am buying EagleFiler today because software like DevonThink and Curio have been way more work than I want to deal with; but the native Apple environment does not allow me to retrieve the information I need well enough. After demo-ing EagleFiler, it kinda hits that sweet spot of “just right.”

I also would like software that is “just right” for my email. I use Sanebox’s “Black Hole” and Sandbox’s management capabilities for separating high priority emails from email “lists” that are really mostly ads. I was wondering if SpamSieve might be a better, more reasonably priced, alternative for me. I have also looked at other alternatives to SaneBox, but I very much prefer stand-alone software to services, especially browser-based ones.

I use the Apple email application in Sierra to read and manage my email with an Apple email address and aliases, plus a separate gmail account which is set up to go directly to my Apple email client. Sanebox keeps track of both my Apple email and my gmail.

Thoughts anyone?

Kind regards,


SpamSieve is designed to deal with spam. For lists and bulk messages that are unwanted (but not actually spam), one option would be Mail’s own rules. You could make a mailbox called Bulk or Lists and a rule in Mail that moves messages there. Whenever you get a low-priority message, you could add a condition to the rule that matches its From or List-ID header.

This is made easier if you use an alias address when signing up for those sites, because then you can filter all of them at once based on the recipient.

Thanks, Michael. I appreciate your speedy and helpful response. I will put my SaneBox on “vacation” and try your excellent suggestion out. Spam still gets through my regular email all the time, so I still have training with Mail and Sanebox almost daily. I’m hoping your SpamSieve may solve this problem. :slight_smile: Thanks!