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SpamSieve is catching good emails

So even after I “mark as good” SS still puts good emails in the spam folder. So I manually add the good emails to the whitelist and that should do the trick, but nope, they still get treated as spam by SS. What is going wrong?

They’re probably being treated as spam by something other than SpamSieve. There’s more information on this page.

I have a separate folder only for Spam Sieve and no other filters running and the Mac junk filter off. So this pertains to the emails only going into the Spam Sieve folder, so it has to be Spam Sieve rules causing this.

Please send in a diagnostic report and a screenshot of the relevant whitelist rule, and I can take a closer look.

Thank you, but I think there may have been a conflict due to installing on two computers using IMAP, so I attempted to uninstall so that I could reinstall only on one, but now I have a new problem. Having uninstalled fully following the instructions, the Spam Sieve folder keep reappearing after it has been deleted. So with SpamSieve fully uninstalled, why does the folder keep coming back on the server after deleting it and good email keeps going into it, even though there are no other rules which send anything to that SpamSieve folder? It’s very strange because it’s coming back on the server even when I use web based email and not the Apple Mail client SpamSieve was installed on.

Are you saying that the name of the mailbox on the server is “SpamSieve” rather than ”Spam”? It sounds like there must be another device or a rule that you missed. SpamSieve itself does not create any mailboxes, and wouldn’t be doing anything, anyway, if you uninstalled it. Perhaps this is the same other rule/filter that was the cause the problem you reported initially.

I created the folder and directed Spam Sieve to send spam there so that I would be able to easily see what SS was doing. Now email keeps going to it even after uninstall. I delete the folder from the server and it reappears by itself with good mail going to it. Not just mail which could be spam, but totally good mail. Very strange, but if you have any ideas as to how this could be, please let me know. Thanks.

What is the name of the folder? Perhaps a server filter is now using it.

I would try changing your mail password. That will prevent any Macs or iOS devices from accessing the server. If the problem goes away, then you know it was one of them and can add them back with the new password one at a time to figure out which one was responsible. If the problem doesn’t go away, then it must be a server issue.

What I did was shut down my Mac Mail and only access via web interface, so that means that the server was not talking to any Mail app on my computer, so none of the settings, and yet it still created this folder whenever email was sent to it. I have no rules on my server that I can see telling email to go to that folder. I use Spam Assassin at the server level and I have a few global email rules which also do not instruct too send to the Spam Sieve folder. In any case, those rules are for specific spam involving words like Viagra, so would not cause my legit email to go there. Weird.