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SpamSieve is crap

SpamSieve sucks. Paid for it a year ago and it does nothing. The instructions are not helpful. The product is a scam.

Sorry to hear that you haven’t gotten it working. Please use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here, and I’ll take a look at where the problem is and help you finish the installation.

Mine works great!!! If I have a problem Michael gets it corrected very quickly and efficiently!

I am totally surprised at your situation.

I have had SpamSieve for longer than I can remember as does my wife.

Our whole Apple Mail system relies on it and I catch an average of 25 Spam Mails per day.

We also have SpamAssassin running on the Mail Server, however SpamSieve is easier to use because we can set it up at the client end.

It was simple to setup but of course we use Apple Mail.

I have to admit that the instructions to set up Outlook are quite complex and would wish for some improvement there.


Working on it!

Thank you for your response. I got someone to help me with it and got it to work.Regards, George Sarkisian

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