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SpamSieve is NOT quitting when Apple Mail quits

While addressing other issues I discovered that SpamSieve is NOT quitting when I quit Apple Mail. That is the case even though I just now checked and in SpamSieve’s preferences in the Advanced section, I have the box checked that says “Quit when mail client quits” but clearly it is NOT quitting. I even tried unchecking that box, quitting everything manually, restarting, rechecking that box back to checked, quitting and restarting all again, to test whether it would accept a NEW checking of that preference. But it changed nothing. I know SpamSieve used to quit when Mail quit (but that could have been long ago as I don’t watch that often).

In summary, with both Apple Mail and SpamSieve running, and that above mentioned box clearly checked for “Quit when mail client quits”, if I QUIT Apple Mail, SpamSieve keeps running… Thoughts on why??? FYI, I am running macOS 10.15.2 and SpamSieve version 2.9.38.

Do you have any other mail clients besides Mail that remain open?

No, just Apple Mail…

OK, then to figure out why SpamSieve isn’t quitting, I recommend clicking this link to enable some debug logging. Then, after quitting Mail, you can either read the log entries yourself in the Console app or send in a diagnostic report. You can turn off the debug logging by clicking this link.

Hi Michael, I am not too keen on clicking links in posts like this that change my software in some way that I am blind to (meaning I wouldn’t know exactly what got changed and more importantly how to change it back). Case in point is the link I clicked on earlier today in someone else’s post about Mail being slow to load where you pointed them to “a link” and I clicked on that link thinking it was going to open some other document where I could read about changing the mailbox counting deal. Instead, as you know, if went right into my SpamSieve software and made a change that caused me an issue and you had to help by giving me the link to go back the other way.

But if you can tell me a way I can just monitor something in Console?? And is there a way to turn on logging from within SpamSieve??? Or if it is some custom type of unix command or whatever, can you share the command???

All the link does it change a preference in SpamSieve to turn on debug logging for that particular feature. There is always a corresponding link to reset the preference.

The debug logging is turned off by default, so if you don’t enable it you won’t see anything in Console.

You can quit SpamSieve and enter this command in Terminal:

defaults write com.c-command.SpamSieve QuitWithMailClientLog YES

or to turn it off:

defaults delete com.c-command.SpamSieve QuitWithMailClientLog