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SpamSieve Just Stopped Working

I started using SpamSieve a few weeks ago in Entourage 2004 on my 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo Mac Mini running OS X 10.4.8 and I LOVE IT VERY MUCH! I updated to version 2.5 on Oct. 30 or 31 and everything was fine until this morning (Nov. 9.) when all of the sudden:

  1. I’m getting 100% of all the spam right into my inbox… nothing’s getting filtered.
  2. Train Spam command does still move messages to the Junk folder
  3. SpamSieve no longer automatically starts with Entourage
  4. Even if I start SpamSieve manually either before or after starting Entourage it doesn’t help.
  5. SpamSieve doesn’t seem to care about doing it’s job anymore, whether running or not.

PLEASE help, I get literally hundreds of spam messages every day.

Please see this page. The likely cause is another rule or the Mailing List Manager preventing Entourage from invoking SpamSieve on the new messages.

Had to re-install the Entourage Scripts
I don’t know why they went bad, but reinstalling the Entourage scripts put things back in order. Thanks.

Correction… that fix lasted all of 10 minutes.
Well, ten minutes later it doesn’t work again. I can select the spam messages in the inbox and run the rule Move if Spam and noting happens, so I reinstalled the Entourage Scripts again and now if I run the Move if Spam rule it works. You can probably expect an other update from me in another 10 minutes.

Similar Problem With Mail
I’m having a similar problem with SS not identifying spam with Mail, and checked all the recommendations for this note, to no avail. The problem is incurred on a iMac with OS X10.2.8…the odd thing is that I only incur the problem the first time after opening Mail; once I manually identify the first wave of spam SS picks up everything else…until I shut down and start all over again. Checking the statistics shows that SS indeed does not recognize anything at first, until the manual operation.

I have complete success with a second SS application on another machine…not having this problem.

When working, SS is indeed almost magical…can you help? Both apps are in demo mode aat present.


Does it help if you manually launch the SpamSieve application before opening Mail? Is your SpamSieve application stored directly at /Applications/SpamSieve.app?

SS Inactive with Mail
Indeed, if I manually open SS first with the icon on the control panel, it does indeed activate and function.

I don’t know if this is important, but SS did work fine the first week, and then reverted to this mode…and I don’t recall fiddling with anything to prompt the change.

I’ve checked the location of the app, and it is in the “Applications” folder…but it is not in a separate, stand-alone folder by itself. I did this simply by inspecting the location…is there another way to make sure the location is correct?

Most likely the problem is that the SpamSieve plug-in for Mail is running into an error locating or launching SpamSieve. That’s why I asked where you’d installed it. You could check the Console and see if there are any error messages there.

It should be directly in the Applications folder, as shown here, not in a stand-alone folder.

Thanks for the help…I think we are making progress, but I’m still stuck.

If I interpret the info on the Consol correctly, it does appear there are error messages…there is a lot of “600” error designations. I can’t understand them, so i’ve copied a recent wave of messages:

2006-11-12 20:53:38.344 Mail[444] SpamSieve Mail Plug-In: LSFindApplicationForInfo failed -10814.
2006-11-12 20:53:38.398 Mail[444] SpamSieve Mail Plug-In: AESendMessage Error -600
2006-11-12 20:53:38.399 Mail[444] SpamSieve Mail Plug-In: Send AE Error -600
2006-11-12 20:53:38.401 Mail[444] SpamSieve Mail Plug-In: LSFindApplicationForInfo failed -10814.
2006-11-12 20:53:38.427 Mail[444] SpamSieve Mail Plug-In: AESendMessage Error -600
2006-11-12 20:53:38.427 Mail[444] SpamSieve Mail Plug-In: Send AE Error -600
Nov 12 20:58:39 Joseph-Cichanowiczs-Computer WindowServer[184]: CGXRemoveTrackingArea : Invalid tracking area

Nov 12 20:58:39 Joseph-Cichanowiczs-Computer last message repeated 5 times

Does this provide any insight?


The -10814 error means that the OS couldn’t find the SpamSieve application. The -600 error means that the SpamSieve plug-in couldn’t communicate with SpamSieve (probably because it isn’t launched).

After seeing a -10814 error, the SpamSieve plug-in asks the OS to open SpamSieve in the top-level applications folder (/Applications/SpamSieve.app) and some other places. If the OS says that this succeeded, then it goes on and tries to communicate with SpamSieve. Otherwise, it should open an error window saying that it couldn’t find and launch SpamSieve. It sounds like you’re not getting that window and that the plug-in thinks SpamSieve was successfully launched.

It might help if you delete the SpamSieve application and empty the trash. Then download SpamSieve again, drag the application into your Applications folder, and launch it by double-clicking.

I think this has been resolved.

Prompted by your inquiries, I looked around and found that I had a second SpamSieve file…I think also in Applications, but as I already deleted it i’m not sure . In any event, all is back to normal…could two files in Applications muddy up the actions?

If I have any other similar problems, I will do as you advbise…delte and empy everyting ,and start all over.

Thamks for the help and the responsiveness.