SpamSieve keeps opening its Preferences window

When I launch Mail, SpamSieve opens its Preferences window. Is there a reason for this? Is there some decision it expects me to make?

SpamSieve should only be opening the Settings window at launch if you have Close windows when quitting an application off in System Settings and you had the Settings window open when you quit SpamSieve.

A new feature in SpamSieve 3 is that if you try to launch the app when it’s already running it will show the Settings window (because it could be confusing to see “nothing happen” when activating the app). Some people have had Mail rules or other scripts/automations that repeatedly launch SpamSieve, and so that would result in the window opening.

Just to be clear, it isn’t SpamSieve that’s getting quit and relaunched in this story, it’s Mail. I never quit SpamSieve; it is set to open on login and I never quit it thereafter. But I do quit Mail, and when I relaunch Mail, SpamSieve opens its preferences window. I close it. Later, I quit Mail, and when I relaunch Mail, SpamSieve opens its preferences window. (SpamSieve is set not to quit when I quit Mail.)

So I think maybe the logic for the “new feature” is sometimes misbehaving slightly.

Yes, I think the logic may be off if you don’t have SpamSieve set to quit. I’ll see if I can fix this in the next version. Thanks.

I have not been able to reproduce this problem or see what might be causing it in the code. It looks like we only try to launch SpamSieve when it’s not already running. If you are still seeing this, please click this link to enable some additional debug logging, restart your Mac, and send in a diagnostic report the next time the problem occurs.

OK, added the debug logging and eventually SpamSieve behaved this way again and I captured the diagnostic report. Sending it to you separately.