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SpamSieve Launch issues with Apple Mail

Hi. I’m having some issues with an iMac DV 400 running the latest version of Tiger and the latest version of SpamSieve 2.8.5. I can’t get SpamSieve to automatically launch with Apple Mail. It seems to work just fine on my Mac mini with the latest version of Snow Leopard, but I can’t get it to work on this older iMac. I tried opening it manually, and I get a popup window saying that the popup window will go away once I’ve trained and installed my Apple Mail plugin. I tried training several email messages as good, but that didn’t help either.

I followed the instructions exactly. I tried uninstalling the Apple Mail SpamSieve bundle and then reinstalling it. And I also restarted the computer several times and quit and relaunched Apple Mail many times as well. And still, I get the same result. I have to manually open SpamSieve every time.

Now, I haven’t yet received any mail on this new mailing address that was marked as Spam by SpamSieve. Is that the problem? Do I need to at least train a message as spam for it to start working? If I remember correctly, when I started using SpamSieve on my Mini, it always started up with Mail, even before I began training it.

Do I perhaps need to downgrade to a lower version of SpamSieve?

On Mac OS X 10.4, SpamSieve is not supposed to auto-launch with Mail. It only launches when you train a message or when Mail shows it an incoming message that needs to be filtered.

Please open the Statistics window. How many good and spam messages does it say are in the corpus?

Does SpamSieve launch when you train a message as good?

No—SpamSieve 2.8.5 works with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

I see that now. I guess I never noticed, because I always have new mail when I open Mail everyday. I was finally able to get rid of the pop-up window by designating a spam message, and now it works fine. Again, when I first used SpamSieve with my Mini, it wasn’t an issue, because I had spam messages right away. But thank you for the quick response. I appreciate it.