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SpamSieve & Leopard issues

Hello Michael:

After upgrading to Leopard, I’ve found an issue with SpamSieve.

I think this is the same issue others are having.

Launching SpamSieve takes about 5 minutes. The application starts bouncing in the dock, like it’s launching, then it stops bouncing, but it’s unresponsive. That last about 4 or 5 minutes. Then, the blue dot under the SpamSieve icon indicates that the application is running, however if you press the icon, the menu says “Application Not Responding”.

After another 4 or 5 minutes then SpamSieve is responsive.

If after that time, I launch Mail.app, then there is no problem. All email is correctly processed.

However, if SpamSieve is not running and Mail.app is launched, a crisis occurs with SpamSieve and Mail.app pauses the email retrival for some minutes, and then continues to retrieve the email but SpamSieve is still unresponsive.

At this moment, all email is not correctly processed. In some cases, all email goes to the spam folder, but I’ve seen also all the email being processed by the rest of the rules I’ve in Mail.app (spam email is sent to the folders for each rule’s action).

My solution: Startup SpamSieve when the computer starts, uncheck the preference ‘Quit on mail client quits’ and after about 10 I launch Mail.app

Also notice that due to another issue I had with my previous System Folder, I decided to go for a Clean Install of Leopard.

I manually copied the following folders:

~/Library/Mail Downloads
~/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve

I don’t have any other plugin in Mail.app

And to be sure that the Clean Install was really clean, I instelled a fresh copy of SpamSieve 2.6.4 on my Applications folder.

So far, if SpamSieve doesn’t quit after Mail.app quits (avoiding the unwanted delay after it restarts) it seems that everything is running OK.


Giuseppe Farese

Yes, it sounds like the same issue. Please e-mail me your corpus file and see this page for how to make it launch faster.

SpamSieve 2.6.6 works around this performance bug in Leopard.