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SpamSieve letting Spam through

I’ve been using SpamSieve for years with Apple Mail, keeping both up to date. For the past two days, all of a sudden, spam is getting through to my in box. It seems that nothing is being filtered out anymore. If I click on the message and select, “train as spam” it disappears to the spam folder. But then further messages from the same source get through. I don’t understand what happened.

It sounds like there’s a setup problem. Please see the Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam? page.

I seem to have solved the problem. I checked Mail preferences and my SpamSieve rule wasn’t there. I made it again, and now things seem to work. I’ve caught one piece of spam, at least :wink:

So, yes, a set up problem. I don’t know why the rule wasn’t there, unless I accidentally deleted it. I did add a rule recently.