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SpamSieve - Mac Mail & Bad Results

I am using Mac Mail on macOS Catalina 10.15.4. SpamSieve 2.9.39.

I recently did a complete reset on my SpamSieve filters because I had some mail that SpamSieve just wouldn’t learn was “good.” I have completely disabled the spam filtering at my mail provider.

I have marked every message from @space.com (NASA’s feed) as good, but SpamSieve refuses to believe that. I get regular messages from @onlyinyourstate.com, and they are always passed through…until today when one of three was flagged by SpamSieve as spam.

Yet, spam telling me how I can “perfect blood sugar by eating just this one food” isn’t caught?

What have I got wrong here? How can I fix it?

Resetting SpamSieve should be the last restart, after you’ve looked at other possible causes for good messages going to the Spam mailbox and are sure that SpamSieve is doing this, and doing it because of the training. Please send in a diagnostic report and I can look at whether/why SpamSieve is classifying the messages this way.


Thanks for the fast response. I looked at the first link and I can report —

  1. No server junk filters are in use. I turned them off.
  2. No client-side mail filters are in use.
  3. The only other computer I have that accesses email is my iPhone.
  4. Not all messages are being moved to the spam mailbox.

I will send a diagnostic report.

Thanks for the report. It looks like Apple Mail is not set up to filter any messages through SpamSieve. So that explains why the spam isn’t being caught. Please see Step 4 here for how to set up the SpamSieve rule.

I don’t see any rules or junk filtering in Mail that move messages to the spam mailbox, so (if there is no other computer) the good messages must be being caught by a server filter.


I again followed the steps to set up SpamSieve, but the Mail -> Message options have always included the SpamSieve options.

From the link, that seems to indicate that SpamSieve was already set up in Apple Mail (and that matches my memory, too).

It’s possible that a Mail malfunction or iCloud syncing deleted the rule that you had previously created.

Michael: Thanks. I will keep an eye on things.