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SpamSieve makes mail.app freeze when scanning messages with big attachments 2Mo and+

I’m a new user of SS (2.6.2) and i’ve noticed that spamsieve makes mail.app freeze when scanning messages with big attachments (2Mo and more). I have to force mail.app to quit and check my mail directly on the server or deactivate spamsieve. This problem doesn’t occur with mailsmith that i use for particular mail accounts. Can anyone repeat the problem?
My configuration: MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16GHz, 1GHz RAM, Mac OS 10.4.9, Mail 2.1.1, SpamSieve 2.6.2

I have not seen that problem before. Do you have any other Mail plug-ins installed? If it happens again, instead of force-quitting, please open Activity Monitor, click on Mail in the list, and then choose View > Sample Process. Save the sample to a file. Also sample SpamSieve, and then e-mail the two files to spamsieve@c-command.com.

Thank you for replying Michael!
I have other mail plug-ins like act-on, growl… I have disabled all except SS and recieved a message with a 9.6Mo attachment successfully. If the problem happens again, I will send you both samples of spamsieve and mail. I’m going to search and tell you which plug-in causes this bug.
Thank you for your assistance!

I’m not sure at 100% but it seems that MailTags plug-in generates this bug.