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SpamSieve may have erased my archived Gmail messages - need help


New to the forum but not new to SpamSieve. But recently I deleted SpamSieve because it always seemed to be extremely slow in loading. Unfortunately, after the application was deleted, I discovered ALL of my archived Gmail messages had disappeared. Needless to say, I didnt think I would have any trouble by removing SpamSieve.

Anyway I can retrieve these lost emails? It’s not the end of the world but sure would make my life easier if I could get those messages back.

It shouldn’t be slow to load. Please record a “sample” report while it’s loading and send it in so that I can see what’s going on on your Mac. There may be something that needs to be fixed. For example, last month a customer’s SpamSieve was slow at loading because of hard drive damage that affected the area where his address book was stored.

I’m sorry that you don’t have your archived messages, but this was not due to SpamSieve. SpamSieve never deletes any messages. Nor does it look at the archived messages. In fact, it doesn’t even communicate with your mail server.

Gmail is designed to make deletion a multi-step process, so you may be able to recover your deleted messages.

Thank for your prompt reply and expert advice. I checked the Gmail link you furnished and went through the steps but want to point out that the multiple folders that are missing occurred after I deleted SpamSieve.