SpamSieve - MS Outlook - v16.79 (23111019) - New Outlook version vs. Legacy version drawbacks

Hi there,

I was trying to add SpamSieve v3.0.2 to my MS Outlook v16.79 on macOS 14.1.1.

According to this forum and SpamSieve installation document there is an existing incompatiblity with “new” MS Outlook version (–> missing AppleScript Support).

So following the instructions I turned off “New Outlook” version and tried to downgrade to Outlook legacy version.

  1. In Outlook 16.79 there is now a new option called “Legacy Outlook” (Outlook Menu)
  2. When turning on “Legacy Outlook” version all local stored emails seem to be DISCARDED and “Legacy Outlook” will download ALL emails from server once again.

Regarding my setup this will now keep my Outlook busy for about more than four hours (downloading all emails → approx 190k). Not quite sure if everytime you do the switch this will happen again … but assuming to be.

So please be aware of this time consuming fact.

Still unsure about these two points (still to go):

  1. Integration of SpamSieve (after successfully downloading all email) will work
  2. New Outlook version (with integration of AppleScript) is said to be available in November 2023 (according to MS roadmap) … so there are still 9 days to go!

Kind regards,