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SpamSieve New Mail Notify Sound Volume

'k, this may be something no where near as simple as it sounds and it’s not just SpamSieve that I’d love to see do this but…

There are two volume settings in the Mac Sound Effects preferences. One for system output and the other for alerts. I’d really like to see SpamSieve (and other apps with sound notification events) use the volume setting for alerts. Until that is added or instead of having SpamSieve pay attention to a user’s preferences for alert volume is anyone aware of an app that lets the user set volume per application?

Actually, SpamSieve does play its sounds as alerts, so it will use the alert volume. (An exception is if the OS reports an error playing the sound as an alert, in which case SpamSieve will use the regular sound channel.)

Any time I go to the trouble of mentioning something I want in an app or inquiring about a bug I usually figure out my own answer just after sending the email or making the post. I started thinking after I started this thread that maybe my complaint isn’t with SpamSieve’s loudness, but the actual sound file I’m using. It just never occurred to me before to consider that.

But now, after copying the sound and lowering its sound level… all is fine. Simple solutions sometimes are just too simple for me to figure out. :slight_smile: