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SpamSieve newbie with an easy question

Hi i am very pleased with Spam Sieve, i am amazed at how much Spam gets missed by my Email Server despite having it’s own Spam checker installed.

My Email Server Spam Checker has a Black List, which i can add email addresses to, which further controls the Spam that gets through to Spam Sieve.

So i thought in an IDEAL WORLD wouldnt it be good ?, IF the email addresses that Spam Sieve has in it’s very own Black List, could i possibly somehow extract the Spam Sieve black list and PASTE it into my Email Servers blacklist ?

Please can this be done ?


You could use this script to copy the blocked addresses from SpamSieve.

Howdy Michael, thank you very much for that, looks to be a perfect solution.

As i am a newbie with Apple and Scripts and Spam Sieve i better make absolutely i am following those instructions correctly.

I am not to sure at the moment just where i need to install the script in the Applications folder, I have a Scripts folder, i also have an Application Scripts folder, but i dont have a Spam Sieve folder, i know the example used an EagleFiler folder.

So please what folder do i have to put the Script into or perhaps i should make a new folder called SpamSieve Script ?

Sorry to be so slow with this.

When i have actually done the business with this Black List, i realise it will also reduce the ammount of SPAM i receive on my iPhone :slight_smile:

Thanks for persevering with me, i hope.


Yes, I would make a new folder at:


Thanks Michael, i created that Folder as suggested.
I placed inside this folder the script i downloaded.
I also have the Script Editor icon on my Menu Bar
I am using Yosemite.
I select Open Script Editor from the drop down menu …

Now i am stuck again !!!,

“each installed script will appear in the menu when the relevant application is frontmost.”

Now i need to open the Script that i downoaded, i assume i simply browse to it from the Script Editor file menu ??

BUT how do i get the relevant application FrontMost ? please.

In this case, you installed the script in the SpamSieve folder, so it will appear in the menu when SpamSieve is frontmost. To make SpamSieve frontmost, click on its Dock icon.

Thanks again Michael, trouble is NOW, i find i have TWO Library Folders
one of them is directly under the Hard Drive root.
the other one is under Users/ME

which of these library folders should my SpamSieve script be in ?

furthermore, from the normal File/Open menu in ScriptEditor i dont know how to open the LIBRARY, in a normal Finder Window i know i simply press ALT while selecting GO on the Menu Bar.

And where does the list go to when the Script is RUN ??

perhaps because i am struggling so much i ought to give up trying to do this little task i have set myself ?


It should be in the Library folder inside your user folder. That’s what the “~” means.

Why do you need to open the folder in Script Editor? The script file is already compiled and does not need to be edited.

thanks yet again Michael

I am ok now as regards where the folder is in relation to the User Library :slight_smile:

I am getting somewhere, i can now see the SpamSieve Script in the Script Menu, and i can double click the script and it runs.

But i dont know where the Blacklist/Blocklist has been put ???


On the clipboard. So click in the text field where you want it to go, and then choose Edit > Paste.

Hey Ho Michael, that is fantastic, i now have the Blacklist.

I simply cannot believe that it doesnt mention in the instructions, that the ClipBoard is where the List is sent !!!

Thanks again Michael


It says it in the very first sentence:

This script copies the addresses of enabled “Is Equal to” “From (address)” whitelist or blocklist rules to the clipboard.

OOP’S i bow to your superior observation Michael, thanks. what a pratt i am LOL

As it happens it was ALL a complete waste of time !, the Mail Scanner on my Email Server only allows 30 entries on the BlackList . Doh !