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SpamSieve no longer blocking spam after password reentry.


I removed a bunch of items from my Keychain since I’m now using 1Password and I must have also deleted the info for one of my email accounts.

I entered the password again fine, but now SpamSieve doesn’t seem to work with that account anymore. Really obvious email about Viagra and stuff aren’t being blocked.

I tried reinstalling the plug-in, but no dice. Any recos? I’m on 10.6.2.


SpamSieve doesn’t care about the password (since it doesn’t talk to your mail server) and, unless you’ve altered the default setup, it always filters all accounts. If it doesn’t seem to be catching your spam, please see the FAQ.

Does “no dice” mean that you couldn’t reinstall the plug-in or that doing so didn’t make a difference?

Hey Michael, thanks for the reply.

I was able to reinstall the plugin fine, but deleting items from my Keychain is pretty much the only thing I’ve done on my computer this week and all of a sudden SpamSieve doesn’t seems to be filtering anymore. Weird.

Hmm, for whatever reason, my previously working SpamSieve rule was set to “Every Message” rather than “Message Type”.

Any chance that’s been changed recently? There’s no way I acccidentally changed it without realizing and it’s been working great up until a couple days ago.

Very strange.

How do you know it’s not filtering? Have you checked the log?

The instructions have recommended “Message Type is Mail” since 2007, but “Every Message” will also work. Sometimes it gets changed if you use MobileMe syncing with a Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.