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SpamSieve not filtering

I’m having the same problem. I have gone through all the steps suggested in this thread. My “Junk” mailbox is getting the emails that used to end up in the “Spam” mailbox. I have SpamSieve 2.9.31b1 which Software Update says is the most current plug-in.

If I highlight the messages in the Junk mailbox and issue the “Apply Rules” command, everything sorts to the Spam mailbox.

What else can I do?

It’s normal for SpamSieve not to filter messages in the Junk mailbox that were already caught by a server junk filter. Please see this page for more information.

Spam Sieve Not Filtering Properly
Hi. I started this latest thread a bit more than a month ago. I haven’t had time to get back to it, but it would be really nice if SpamSieve actually did what it’s supposed to do. I have reviewed the page that Michael Tsai sent me to: “7.13.1 Why does the “Junk” mailbox appear in Apple Mail?”. I have done everything it asks and have double checked it. Despite that, I am consistently getting numerous spam emails that are going into my Junk folder. Some, but not all of the emails in the Junk folder are duplicated in the Spam folder.

For me to get full filtering to the Spam folder, I must highlight all the emails in the Junk folder and manually “Apply Rules.” When I do that, all the emails in the Junk folder get transferred to the Spam folder.

Now what?

It’s not clear to me what “everything” refers to because that page lists 6 separate things you can do, from turning off the server junk filter to 5 different ways of dealing with it if your server filter cannot be turned off.

It sounds like you picked Option D, “Manually Re-filter the Junk Mailbox to Rescue Good Messages.” If you want all the spam to be in the same place automatically, I would suggest Option B, C, or E.

Found the problem. Add to solutions

I had time to return to this continuing problem. I went back and reviewed the two URLs that Michael listed. Neither of them had the solution, but the “How should I configure the junk mail server” gave me a clue. I have had the “Server Junk Mailbox SpamSieve” Rule in place since inception. I decided to take a look at the actual Rule. Somehow, perhaps with a MacOS Update, the Rule telling SpamSieve to filter every message with the AppleScript “Server Junk Mailbox” had been changed. While it was telling SpamSieve to “Run AppleScript”, the AppleScript “Server Junk Mailbox” was no longer being selected as the AppleScript to run. When I corrected that, everything worked again.

The lesson: Michael, if the problem re-emerges, have the user ensure that the Rule is set up to actually run the correct AppleScript!

I not sure I’m having the same problem. Since I updated to 2.9.31 the program has not filtered anything on my Apple Mail program, everything ends up in my Inbox. Other than updating I did not change anything. If the solution gbr found would correct the problem how to I fix it. I have not used Apple Script and don’t want to go through the process of learning it, so I would appreciate detailed instructions.

If you have not used AppleScript then you are not having the same problem. You probably just need to check your setup to make sure SpamSieve isn’t turned off in Mail.