SpamSieve not launching with Mac Mail in Sonoma 14.1

Using spam sieve 3.01 in Sonoma 14.1. When I open Mac Mail, spam sieve does not launch and I have to manually open application. How do I get it to open with Mail?


Please go Settings ‣ Apple Mail ‣ Setup and select Disable spam filtering in Apple Mail and then Enable spam filtering using Mail extension.


I have 14.1 and I am not sure where you mean. Do you mean SETTINGS | JUNK MAIL | TURN OFF 'ENABLE JUNK MAIL FILTERING" then Extensions and enable Spamsieve extension?
Sorry for being so dense.

No, I’m referring to SpamSieve’s Settings window:

Your support is stupid good. thanks very much!

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Using Sonoma 14.1, Mail 16.0. I thought I had SpamSieve 3.0.1 and Mail setup correctly but when I started Mail SpamSieve did not start up like SpamSieve 2.x so I thought something was wrong. Turns out I didn’t know that SpamSieve starts with the first new message arriving in the Inbox. Didn’t see that documented anywhere. Works perfectly but it might be nice to document this new behavior somewhere (I never found it). I’ve enjoyed using SpamSieve over the years and it works wonderfully well. Appreciate all of your hard work!


The expected behavior, unchanged from SpamSieve 2.x, is that it launches when Mail launches.

That is not what I observe. I’ll try again and wait longer but what I observed was that I start mail manually. SpamSieve does not launch immediately. What I observed was that when Mail got a new message, SpamSieve launched. Let me test it again and just wait longer without getting any mail hopefully.


You are correct. I just didn’t wait long enough for Mail to startup SpamSieve.

That is what I observe now.


Please click this link to enable some additional diagnostics. After relaunching SpamSieve, quit it and Mail and then launch Mail. If the problem still occurs, please use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here.

That should happen, too, but only as a fallback if it hadn’t already launched with Mail or was quit sometime after Mail launched.

Good to know.