SpamSieve not moving a blocklisted message to Trash

This is an image showing a mail message which I received in my Junk mailbox whose address is in the blocklist. I thought addresses in the blocklist were supposed to be moved to Trash by SpamSieve? I’m using MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1 and SpamSieve 3.0.3 and AppleMail 16.0. Don’t know why that message wasn’t move to Trash instead of Junk Mailbox. I’m using SpamSieve on a Server to filter mail messages and I have AppleMail running on other devices without SpamSieve. Could it be that another AppleMail imported the message before SpamSieve saw it? Don’t know what else it could be. Any help or explanation would be most appreciated. Michael?



This message ended up in my Junk mailbox, so SpamSieve had to have processed. I have Apple’s Junk mail filter turned off on my MacBook and on the Server. Also use iPhone and iPad to see mail.

Brought up the log window in Windows dropdown. Don’t see this message in the log at the time it was received or at any time after that. SpamSieve got an error at 4:37 am and quit automatically at 9:29 (probably the time I was trying to figure out what was wrong. Launched again at 9:51. Crashed at 9:58 and launched again at 9:59.

Based on the color of the message and the fact that it doesn’t appear in the Log window, it looks like it was moved to Junk by something else before SpamSieve could see it in the inbox. Most likely, your server junk filter is responsible.

Hey Michael,

Thans for looking at this. The “server” junk filter is off and the “MacPro” junk filter is off. I’m not aware of junk filtering on iPhone and iPad. I’ve checked again the “server” and “MacBook Pro” and the AppleMail setting for Junk looks like this,

They both look like this. Junk filtering is not turned on. I’m not aware of Junk filtering on iPhone or iPad (which also checks this account) for Junk. There is a BLOCKED Sender list which move messages to Trash on both iPhone and iPad, but not Junk. I’m at a loss of what would move a message to JUNK before SpamSieve sees it. I’m using your RemoteTraining script on the Server to train message that I put in mailbox folders “TrainGood”, “TrainJunk” and “TrainTrash”. It runs every 5 minutes but those are the only mailbox folders it looks at. Guess I’ll continue to look at this, but I keep having mail messages that I put in TrainTrash which adds the address to the blocklist. There are also no Apple Mail rules defined on the Server or MacBook Pro. I at a loss as to why this is happening. I’m not aware of anything else moving messages to Junk expect SpamSieve.

I know that that script works because it is checing the addresses and adding any new ones to the blocklist. I keep getting messages from some of these addresses after they have been added to blocklist and they are put in Junk not Trash. Im not aware of anything else that would put messages in the Junk folder except SpamSieve. This is why I’m confused or am missing something that causes these message to go to Junk instead of Trash (because of blocklist). Can a message address be in the blocklist and still be put in Junk?



I know that the server filter is not off because your screenshot shows an iCloud account and the iCloud junk filter has no off switch.

The server junk filter.

If you want SpamSieve to reprocess the messages that the server moved to Junk, you could set up the rescue script and configure it to move the blue messages to Trash.

Thanks Michael


Didn’t know that you could not turn off iCloud junk junk filter. Assumed turning off Junk Mail in AppleMail settings would do that. Will figure out how to rescan the junk mailbox.

Thanks again.


The switch in Apple Mail is for the local Apple filter that runs on your Mac.