SpamSieve not moving messages to trash

I’ve checked the box that says if a message is over a certain % (I’ve set it to 97) confidence to move it straight to trash, but SpamSieve is not doing that.

The log shows messages at 99%, but they’re still sitting in my ‘Junk’ folder.

What does the Log window say for the message’s Origin? The Move it to the Trash if the spam score is at least feature applies to the Mail extension and the Filter spam messages in other mailboxes feature. It does not apply to any extra scripts that you might have installed, e.g. the one to rescue messages caught by a server junk filter.

I’ll take a look the next time it happens, it could be that the ‘rescue messages’ script is messing with it, though I’m not sure how that prevents the ‘move it to the trash’ feature. Not really sure about the ordering of things here.

There’s no ordering here because the regular processing applies to messages that arrive in the inbox and the rescue script applies to messages that arrive in Junk. So each message would only be eligible for one or the other.

Update, I now have an example of a message that has a score of 99 and is in the ‘Junk’ folder (not trash).

Here is the info:

Summary:	SpamSieve classified this message as Spam because it matched a blocklist rule.
	Score:	99 (0 is least spammy; 100 is most spammy)
	Rule:	From (name) is equal to “Annuity Plans”
	Matched:	“Annuity Plans”
	Accuracy:	Correct (if this message is not Spam, you should train it as Good)
	Help:	Correct All the Mistakes
	Date Logged:	Today, 7:22:46 AM

	Subject:	    This  Winter Get your  FREE Annuity Comparison Report.
	From:	Annuity Plans <>
	Date Sent:	Today, 7:10:35 AM
	Date Received:	Today, 7:10:40 AM
	To:	[redacted]
	Size:	68 KB (18 KB compressed)
	Identifier:	2/Kbj0A4bJ9TfLLTBk7IJA==
	Server Filter:	There is no record of a server junk filter evaluating this message. Some mail servers don’t have junk filters, and some filters move messages to a different mailbox without noting in the message that they did this.
	Origin:	Unknown

	Contacts:	240
	Excluded Contacts:	5

	Processing Time:	0.037s
	SpamSieve:	3.0.1 at /Applications/
	Device:	macOS 14.0.0 (23A344) on johns-imac.local (iMac21,1)
	User:	[redacted]
	Language:	English

This means it was an outside script that processed the message, so it’s expected that it would not go to Trash.

So, What are my next steps.

I’d like to have the filter delete messages that are high confidence (i.e. my blocklist) but also have that work on messages that are ‘rescued’ from the junk folder when Apple Mail moves them there.

I’m assuming at this point that I have to disable the ‘rescue messages’ applescript? This does have the unfortunate side effect of leaving Apple Mail identified Junk in the Junk folder unprocessed.

You could edit the rescue script, changing the line at the top that says:

property pMoveBlueMessagesToTrash : false


property pMoveBlueMessagesToTrash : true

That would not actually help anything because without the rescue script those messages wouldn’t be processed by SpamSieve at all.

Wonderful, thank you!