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SpamSieve not using server spam folder

Hello -

Sierra 10.12.3
SpamSieve 2.9.28
I’m using IMAP.

SpamSieve is doing a good job filtering out spam but it seems to not use the Junk email folder on the server. Any suggestions?

SpamSieve uses the Junk folder that’s set in Outlook’s preferences. If this doesn’t match up with the server folder that you want, you can edit the mapping from Tools > Accounts… > your account > Advanced… > Folders.

It also appears to be pointing at the server:

That looks good. Where are the spam messages going instead? Have you confirmed (by looking for “Predicted: Spam” entires in the log) that the messages in question were moved by SpamSieve?

Well, I’m not really sure where they are going. I assume they are going to a folder on my Mac…? When I open Outlook, my junk folder is current, but when I look on my phone or in my webmail, the server folder is empty.

There are plenty of spam messages in the log. Here is a sample:
Predicted: Spam (95)
Subject: 3 free bottles of wine from WSJ.
From: chlortetracycline@gazettegreen.science
Identifier: UHdgy3mzC2Khn+xy8nJ/KA==
Reason: P(spam)=1.000[0.999], bias=0.000, R:^192(0.998), F:Journal(0.995), S:bottles(0.995), F:Street(0.995), F:Wall(0.995), S:wine(0.908), S:from(0.190), S:free(0.714), S:of(0.704), to:@greycatsoftware.com(0.645), to:@greycatsoftware.com(0.645), to:alanh@(0.643), to:alanh@(0.643), ^large-text-10(0.372)
Date: 2017-03-23 18:16:57 -0600 (MDT)

Can you search for that message in Outlook and see for sure which folder it’s in?

Well…while I was in my webmail poking around I decided to empty some of the other folders and…the junk folder started working again!

Not sure what the problem was - some combination of ISP, Mac, Outlook, SpamSieve, but its working now.

Thanks, Michael. Excellent product and support!


I’m glad to hear that. Thanks for the follow-up.