SpamSieve Not working - sender marked as spam still in inbox

I’ve been a loyal SpamSieve user for years. After upgrading to Sonoma and SSS3, following the instructions for installations, etc. I gladly set about flagging spam messages that appeared in my Inbox. One, in particular, from Trivia, kept appearing even though I’d marked it as spam multiple times. What gives?

Further, when I flag something, it just dieappears entirely. Not in Junk, Not in Trash, not in the old Spam folder. What gives?

Please check the log to see whether SpamSieve predicted these messages to be good (i.e. it made mistakes, which we should look into) or whether there are no predictions for them (i.e. you ran into this bug Mail bug, which has a workaround).

On Sonoma, SpamSieve will always ask Mail to move the trained spam messages to the special Junk mailbox. It looks like this:

and there is a separate one for each account. You can also see all the spam messages together if you add All Junk to the favorites:

There is more information about how to configure the Junk mailbox here.

I’ve followed your checklist of things to do, and the incoming mail is not being checked by Spamsieve. I notified Apple per your suggestion and included the bug report number you specified. I checked the log, and it doesn’t show the junk messages as having been checked at all. I have screenshots of the log and of my inbox, and i took a diagnostic report – how should I send these to you?

It sounds like you need to enable the Filter spam messages in other mailboxes option and add the inboxes to the Select Mailboxes to Filter… sheet. Then SpamSieve will check the inboxes itself, to filter them without relying on the Mail extension. No diagnostic report needed unless for some reason this doesn’t fix the problem.


That got it! I’d checked that before, but hadn’t actually specified the other inboxes to be checked, thinking that the Inbox at the top of the Mail list was the only one. Wrong — there’s one for each account. Recommend you add that note to your instruction list.



Good point. The current plan is to just have an option for SpamSieve to find all the inboxes for you.

That would do it very well. (I’m an old consultant in customer support operations, so I notice case-prevention things like that.) Another would be a setup wizard, but I suspect that might run afoul of Apple’s security barriers.