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SpamSieve not working well on 2 machines

I have used SpamSieve on my Mac for some time, and I love it - a lifesaver.

Recently we switched some of our office’s machines to be Macs, so I licensed SS for everybody and put it on. We are all running MS Entourage with POP mail only (no IMAP).

On two of the machines I am finding that SS simply doesn’t do much od a job filtering the mail. Lots of mail that should be whitelisted is going into the Entourage “Junk E-Mail” folder, and lots of spam that should go there is staying in the inbox…

I’ve checked the settings - SS is on, it is active, the rules are active, but when I pick a spam and tell it to move it, it leaves it there. We have done some training with it, and it has a decent corpus built.

Does anybody have any ideas? I know I’m not very clear here, but that’s why I’m stumped - it should be working as well for them as it is for me!

FWIW, my copy continues to work just fine for me.

The first thing you should do is check SpamSieve’s log to see if SpamSieve is responsible for this, or if there’s a setup problem. If a message should be whitelisted but is going to junk, see if there is a “Predicted: Spam” entry for it in the log. (If not, another Entourage rule or Entourage’s junk mail filter is responsible.) Likewise, are there any “Predicted: Good” or “Predicted: Spam” entries in the log for the spam messages that weren’t caught? (If not, maybe there’s a rule above the SpamSieve one that’s preventing it from analyzing the messages.)

Do you have any Mailing List Manager rules? Also, if you post screenshots of your rules and rule list, I could check them.

When you say “tell it to move it,” do you mean using the Train Spam command?

Thanks for the tips. I’ll check the log to see what it was doing tomorrow when I get in.

I know that on one machine the Entourage spam filtering was also on, and when I turned it off is when things seemed to go bad - perhaps it kept SS from being trained properly…

I did look at the logs briefly, but didn’t know exactly what to look for - this will give me some focus.

I don’t know if there are any mailing list manager rules set up - but I suspect not.

When select a record and choose the “Move if spam” script, it doesn’t move it. I guess that would be a good time to go check the log to see what it was thinking… :slight_smile:

I don’t recommend using Entourage’s filter along with SpamSieve. First, it probably wouldn’t help, and second, it makes it difficult to see what’s happening to the messages and therefore to sort out any setup problems.

Right–for some reason (perhaps lack of training) SpamSieve didn’t think that this message was spam. You should use the “Train Spam” command to tell it that it’s spam. Then drag it back to the inbox. If your rules are setup properly, you could then select the message and choose Message > Apply Rule > All Rules, and the message should move to the Junk E-mail folder (again).