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Spamsieve not working with Mac OS10.3.9

I have Mac OS10.3.9 and find Spamsieve just doesn’t work. When I launch Mail it says it can’t find Spamsieve which needs to be in Applications folder (where it already is). When I launch SS from the Apps folder, I can then train it to put spam in the spam folder but it does little or no spam filtering automatically.

I got Spamsieve because Mac Mail app’s spam filtering is awful for me, although my wife has same email address as me with separate profile on same machine and filtering isn’t too bad for her…

Any suggestions please

Please post a screenshot showing SpamSieve in your Applications folder.

Which version of SpamSieve are you using?

Please see this page.

Thanks yr speedy reply. I have SS 2.6.6 which believe is right for OS10.3. Have attached screen shot of Apps folder.

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The screenshot shows that SpamSieve is not in your Applications folder. Instead, you have an alias to the mounted SpamSieve disk image. Please drag the SpamSieve application file (from inside the “SpamSieve-2.6.6” folder) to your Applications folder. It should look like the picture shown here.

Aha! Many thanks,