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Spamsieve on a Mac with Yahoo mail - Can't get yahoo to stop processing junk mail

i’ve been using Spamsieve for several months on an uptodate iMac using yahoo mail. I can’t get yahoo to stop processing mail. i’ve created several filters like:
if sender includes @ then move to inbox
if mail contains #$@%^&^% move to inbox
but yahoo still presses junk mail and moves it to the yahoo junk folder.
I’ve double checked that my mac mail is not processing Junk mail.

Yahoo’s filter is horrible. It lets some junk through that Spamsieve then catches and puts in the Spam folder. Yahoo’s rules keep catching good email that use to get through.

Any suggestions on what else to try to turn off yahoo’s junk mail processing?

If you’ve followed these instructions and have the “Turn Off Spam Filter” rule at the top, I’m not sure why that wouldn’t be working. You could try asking Yahoo.

Another option is the Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox script, which will automatically move the messages out of the Yahoo Junk mailbox, either to the Spam mailbox or to the inbox.

After some interaction with yahoo, I received this link: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/mail-for-desktop/check-fix-filter-issues-sln27270.html

The key line:
All emails go through the spam filter before going through other filters. If your emails aren’t in the correct folder, check your spam folder first.

I’ll try playing with scripts.

I’ve loaded the Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox script and it works fine to move the spam email to the SPAM folder. However, it causes an Apple Mail error on mail it thinks is not spam: " The message XXX could not be moved to Inbox - Yahoo!". When I use Apple Mail - List Mailboxes script it shows the inbox as “INBOX”. In Apple Mail it shows as “Inbox”. The Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox script shows it selects the inbox name to use based on what is accepted. I removed all the choices except “INBOX”, but I get the same message with “Inbox”. If I remove all the choices but “Inbox” it does nothing.

What am I missing?

I think the error means that it found the inbox but that Mail reported an error when trying to move the message there. It may help to rebuild your Mail database.

Also, do you get the same error if you train that message as good (from the menu)?

I rebuilt the database and that has improved things. I don’t always get the error. I do now get Mail errors sometimes when I delete a mail. Changing the trash to ON MY MAC helps. I’ll monitor it for a while. Thanks for the quick responses.