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SpamSieve on Apple Mail and Outlook?

I have 2 email accounts in Outlook and the rest in Applemail. I it possible to run spamsieve on both of these at the same time and if so, is the configuration more convoluted to do this? SpamSieve is on my apple mail and doing a great job.


Matt Caswell

Ignore my previous post question… I found the answer and using spamsieve with outlook is cumbersome to say the least. THink I might stick with applemail that does it all automatically!

matt caswell

Yes, you can do that. There’s nothing special to set up. You would just follow the instructions for both Apple Mail and Outlook (only training it once, since the data is shared).

Outlook filters automatically, too. The difference is just that Apple Mail filters the messages right when they arrive, and Outlook checks for new messages every minute (or whatever interval you choose).

Will SpamSieve mark the messages background color like it does in Apple Mail? Is there any way you know of to put the Mark as spam, mark as good commands in the outlook toolbar instead of having to go to the script menu or did Microsoft/Apple screw this up for all of us.

NOTE TO SELF: Read all the setup instructions … I’ve been using Macs since 1986 and thanks to these instructions, I found out about FastScripts! DOH!

BTW, if I want to put spamsieve on my wifes imac, is that a new license or can I install it on 2 computers?

I have no idea where else to post my questions so if I’m causing an issue putting them here, please tell me where to go :sunglasses: Literally!

Matt Caswell

Outlook doesn’t have background colors, but SpamSieve will set the foreground color (category).


You could upgrade to a family pack.

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