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SpamSieve on Apple Silicon

The current version is not yet Universal. Would that be required to run with Apple Mail?

SpamSieve’s Apple Mail plug-in is already universal in SpamSieve 2.9.40, as required for Apple Silicon Macs. The SpamSieve app itself works fine in Rosetta and will be made universal next year.

Comes up as incompatible on Big Sur 11.1beta on Mac Pro M1.

You need the public beta of SpamSieve 2.9.41 for the macOS 11.1 beta.

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Great. That did it. Always on the bleeding edge.
Also looking at Spark. Is there a way to work with it?

Not yet. It’s their to-do list. Please let them know it’s a priority for you.

Thanks for having it ready in time!

Is it compatible with 11.1b1?

Yes, if you use the public beta of SpamSieve 2.9.41.

Seems to work.