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SpamSieve on Big Sur

I’m not new to spamsieve will this version 2.9.36 work on Big Sur I have used spamsieve before but it’s a long time a go on os Yosemite so I’ve forgotten how to setup and how works but I get so much junk Mail but I don’t if it’s good Mail or spam but since updating to Big Sur I’ve noticed a lot of my applications don’t work on this new update I’m hoping this does.

SpamSieve does work on Big Sur, but I recommend updating to SpamSieve 2.9.43 first.

Could you send us a link on how spamsieve works because I’ve forgotten how to set it up on my Mac.

Please see this page.

I’m in the same boat. What’s the plan with Big Sur? 11.3 going to be an update that allows SS to work?


The current release version of SpamSieve has always worked with the current release version of Big Sur. The original poster’s issue was trying to use a 2019 version of SpamSieve with Big Sur from 2021.

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