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SpamSieve on Mac Mail

I’ve just downloaded a trial copy and its working well. The junk is going into my spam folder and I’m wondering if I can do a couple of things to this folder.
1: I want to stop the sound every time I get the rubbish coming in, but I do like the alert/sound when I get a genuine message.
2: Is it possible to have an auto delete on the spam folder after a period of time.
Maybe Mac Mail is not the best solution in this case?
Any advise would be gratefully appreciated.

Please see the Apple Mail Customization section of the manual.

Please see the Automatically Deleting Old Spam Messages section of the manual.

Many thanks and this has worked well.

I have noticed that I’m getting some good mail in the Spam file what is worrying on two occasions when I’ve ‘trained as good’ they are still reappearing. Can you suggest a way to ensure they are being trained as good’? Thanks Paul

You can look in the log to verify that the messages are being trained as good (it should say “Trained: Good (Manual)”). And if SpamSieve is predicting the messages to be spam, the log will say why.

Thanks Mike it’s working perfectly now, Thank you!

Famous last words! Everything is fine as my spam is moving into the junk folder on my Mac Mail, but if I get a rogue one that I want to ‘Train as Spam’ it goes to my Spam folder rather than the junk one. This is no big deal for me but I think before I had the problem they we all moving to my junk folder.

You can change this with the SpamSieve - Change Settings command.

Junk in Mac Mail
Can I delete the spam which is coming into my junk mail via the SpamSieve filter. I have it set to delete after 24 hours but always have between 100 -200 pieces of cretinous rubbish and would be happy to delete immediately if possible. SpamSieve does a brilliant job but even if I risk losing one or two OK one’s I’d be happier without it in them in first instance. Thanks once again for a brilliant programme.

You can have Mail move it directly to the trash. However, if you’re going to be deleting the messages sight-unseen, you should turn off auto-training.

Do you have any idea how I can achieve this via Mac Mail?

In the SpamSieve rule in Mail’s preferences, set the action to move the messages to the Trash.