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SpamSieve on two machines, Train as good not working

Hi! New user, and the problem I present may have been addressed below but I have not found a solution. I am running SpamSieve on a desktop at work and on my laptop. Running Mavericks on both machines. All emails are through GMail.

I thought I could follow directions to have the desktop keep mail open, screen for spam, and “learn” best. Then when I’d open up on the laptop, I’d already have a lot of the spam screened out.

This doesn’t seem to be working. This may be related to the problem I’m facing on the laptop right now.

There are a bunch of messages in the Spam folder “on my mac” on the laptop. These obviously have been identified by the laptop. There are a few in there that I’d like to train SpamSieve not to identify as spam.

But when I highlight these emails and select “Train as good” from the dropdown menu, nothing happens.

I have both SpamSieve rules set up correctly in Mail preferences (“Server Junk Mailbox SpamSieve” is the first rule, and “SpamSieve” is the second rule), and have set up security in system preferences correctly (SpamSieveHelper.app and SpamSieveLaunchAgent are both in the accessibility list).

May be a setup problem, may be two computers. Not sure.

First, please make sure that you are using one of the setups described in SpamSieve and Multiple Macs.

I understand that you mean nothing visibly happens in Mail. But do you get new “Trained: Good (Manual)” log entries in SpamSieve’s log? If not, do you see any errors reported in the Console log?