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Spamsieve, Outlook 2016, Spamsieve - Filter Mailboxes

Hi all

I’ve been happily running spamsieve with MailMate and Apple Mail for years. I also use sanebox to filter my messages into ‘later’, ‘news’, ‘bulk’. This arrangement has worked fine for many years, but recently I changed to using Outlook 2016 as my mail client (why? Because neither MailMate nor Apple Mail seem to handle searching that well, and Outlook 2016 is - amazingly - better).

I set up Outlook 2016 to work with Spamsieve as instructed, including installing the Spamsieve - filter mailboxes helper app. Soon after doing this, Sanebox appeared to ‘forget’ my training, shifting hundreds of messages from, eg, my SaneNews folder back to my inbox. Curiously, every few days it would pick on one or 2 news providers and only do this for their messages, and after a few days start picking on some other sources. SaneBox Support had a look at this and couldn’t figure out why it was happening, or how to fix it. Retraining sanebox did not help.

So, I uninstalled the Outlook - filter mailboxes helper application, and switched back to MailMate as my mail client. Since then, this weird behaviour has stopped. So, I deduce it’s something to do with the Spamsieve setup.

Has anyone else seen this kind of behaviour? Is there a way to fix or work around (other than not using Outlook :-).

Thanks for your advice,

I have not heard other reports of that happening. Have you checked the SpamSieve log to see whether it recently reprocessed the messages in question? With the normal setup, Outlook Filter Mailboxes only moves messages from Inbox to Junk. It does not look in the SaneBox folders. There are some hidden settings that, if you modify the script or user defaults, could make it look for messages in another folder (typically “InboxSpamSieve”) and move them to a third folder (typically “Good”).