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Spamsieve Outlook - Filter Mailboxes script doesn't work?

I have setup the applescript ‘Outlook - Filter Mailboxes’ so it will start filtering mail in my Mac Outlook 2016.
As described in the manual, one should add it to the startup items, which I did but after restarting the applescript returns the following error (I have translated it to english):
The operation could not be completed. (OSStatus error -192.) (null) (-192)

I am using:
Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac, version 15.29
Mac OS X, version 10.11.6
Spamsieve, version 2.9.27

Is this a known issue?

No, that’s not a known issue. Please download the compiled script from here and try running it in Script Editor (while Outlook is open). Does that also report an error?

Until now it seems to be solved, after I have overwritten the script.
Fingers crossed, let’s see what happens.