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SpamSieve + Outlook + Gmail - can't see spammed Gmail mail

Hi- I just started using SPamSieve and it is working perfectly in Outlook 2016 for my IMAP email that is linked to my business. SpamSieve sends spam mail to my junk folder and I can take a quick look in the junk folder a few times a day to make sure no good mail has been sent to the junk folder.

This is not the case for my gmail account. Spamsieve is not sending the spam mail it detects coming into my gmail account to he junkman folder,r it is just disappearing. Which means I can’t see what is being spammed and thus train Spamsieve. I noticed this was a problem when I checked my email on my iPhone, where I don’t have spam sieve obviously and I saw an email come through to my gmail account that was from a good source. Then I went to my laptop and hit send/receive and then spam sieve did it’s thing and the email disappeared.

IN my outlook settings for each account I have my junkman folder set to the ‘server’ as I do for all folders- so that they are synced on any computer.

Any advice?


How do you know that it’s SpamSieve doing this? If you check the log, do the missing messages appear as “Predicted: Spam”?

Which SpamSieve setup are you using with Outlook 2016? Are you filtering the messages using the SpamSieve - Move If Spam menu command? Or using the Outlook - Filter Mailboxes script?

I am using the the Outlook - Filter Mailboxes script - I have it set as a login item so it’s always on. I did also follow those directions to instal the SpamSieve scripts in outlook and I do use the ‘Train as Good’ and ‘Train as Spam’ options.

I know it is SpamSieve or gmail interacting with spam sieve because before I installed and began using SPamSieve my Gmail ‘Junk email’ box would fill up and I could see messages in it to review, now there is nothing in there ever.


I still think you should check SpamSieve’s log. Otherwise we’re just guessing because there are other things that could have changed.

Also: which Macs and other devices do you use to access this Gmail account?

You can also enable debug logging in the script by changing pEnableDebugLogging from false to true. This will make this script report which messages it processed. I plan to update the script to report where it is moving the messages.

My apologies I forgot to follow your suggestion regarding the log, so I just did it now, and I do see that it says “Predicted Spam” for some messages, some it says Trained as… however I don’t see a way to distinguish in the log which account i’m looking at, my gmail or my other IMAP accounts that I use in Outlook.

I use a macbook pro, my iPhone and occasionally my iPad but I haven’t checked my mail on my iPad since installing SpamSieve.

How do I go about changing the text of the script?


The account doesn’t matter. The importing thing is whether there are “Predicted: Spam” log entries for messages that do not appear in Outlook.

You can open Script Editor, then use File > Open to open the script.

Thanks- and sorry for my naive follow up but what is the name/location of the script I’m looking for.

ANd in regards to the log, I understand now, in order to figure out if spam that is disappearing is “predicted - Spam” I have to find an email that I know went to gmail and then got moved after SPamSieve ran it’s script. This might be tough but I will try- I’ll just look on my phone first in the gmail account see if I see something and see it gone on my computer.

It’s called “Outlook - Filter Mailboxes.app” or “Outlook - Filter Mailboxes.scpt” or “Outlook - Filter Mailboxes.applescript”. The location depends on where you happened to save it when you set it up.

Another way would be to repeatedly search for “Predicted: Spam” in the log and see whether there’s a message that you don’t recognize. Then search for it in Outlook to be sure.

I was able to change the script pEnableDebugLogging from false to true, so now when I catch a gmail that I think I saw but then it disappeared I can go look at the log and see where it moved it right?



I recommend that you update to the new version of the Outlook - Filter Mailboxes script that I just posted. I found a case where Outlook would return an incorrect value when asked for the junk folder (perhaps if it was not properly configured for that account), and when SpamSieve told it to move the message to that folder the message could disappear. The new version of the script works around this problem.

I’m installing the new script now, in the meantime I have been able to see a few emails that came up on my phone and then are not in outlook and when I look at the log it says “Predicted: SPAM” but it does not say where it was moved. Before I install the new script are the any special instructions- do I have to close outlook firs and the current running scripts?


Which folder did you see them in on the phone?

You should quit the current Filter Mailboxes app, replace it with the new one, enable debug logging for the new one, and then launch the new one.

The email went to my main Gmail inbox on my phone, and then it disappeared.

I installed the new script and changed enabling to true and it’s working! Yay. Mail that Spam Sieve thinks is junk that has gone to gmail it’s now putting in the junk mail folder so I can review it.

Thank you for all of your help.