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SpamSieve over time

Hi Michael,

I have been using SpamSieve for a while now. What I have found is that over time - when I tag a lot of spam, the opposite happens; the more I tag, the more spam starts coming through. I know you said you don’t advise to reset the corpus, but I just did that and the spam catching has improved tremendously.

Anyway, my question is, how do you stop spoof emails? I mean ones like “your order from Amazon” etc… These look exactly like the real thing except for maybe a destination link. If I tag those as spam, wouldn’t the real ones be marked as spam?


Resetting the corpus is fine, after you’ve verified that the problem isn’t elsewhere.

I recommend training them as spam. There are, in fact, features SpamSieve can identify to separate these from the good order confirmations.

Thanks. Right now, I am getting very, very good results after resetting the corpus. I am marking the few that get through as spam.