Spamsieve overlooks certain senders

I am gettting inundated by right-wing political emails. The senders are not in my Contact list They are not in iCloud. I “Train as Spam” but new one keep arriving in the inbox. My corpus is years old. Is it time to start over?

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Please see this page to make sure your mail program is set up properly and see whether these messages actually got through SpamSieve (and, if so, why).

Creating manual rules is rarely the right solution. It’s important to check the setup and log first. Often, these problems end up being a configuration issue where the messages were not actually being sent to SpamSieve. If SpamSieve did think the messages were good, the log will have some clues as to why. It may be that there were previous messages that should have been trained. Or, it is possible that the corpus does need to be reset. If you send in a diagnostic report I can investigate this.