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Spamsieve PostBox 5?

Hey Guys!

Just want to confirm…

I am trying out PostBox 5 that I downloaded directly from the website.

There are conflicting reports about which version of PostBox is supported by SpamSieve.

Am I correct in assuming that SpamSieve works with this new version of PostBox?

Where? I see here and here, which are consistent.

Yes, SpamSieve works with Postbox 5.

Hi Michael!

Thank you for your response. Good to learn that Spamsieve is compatible with Postbox 5.

What i was referring to was a rather confusing explanation that I received when searching that question with Google. Notice how many different versions and store purchase options are thrown into the mix as to which version works and which does not. It’s a bit overwhelming to figure out. :slight_smile:

SpamSieve requires Postbox 2.0 or later. It is not compatible with Postbox Express. The Mac App Store version of Postbox does not support plug-ins, so it cannot work with SpamSieve. However, if you purchased Postbox from the Mac App Store you can download the full version of Postbox and use that with SpamSieve.
SpamSieve Manual: Setting Up Postbox - C-Command


Installed SpamSieve on PostBox 5.

Followed all instructions to the “T”

When you mark messages as junk or good…

The instructions say go to MENU -> MESSAGE -> MARK

AS JUNK for Bad message.

However, there is not selection for GOOD messages.

Can you double check this please?

Perhaps I should just remove all that, since Postbox Express and the Mac App Store version of Postbox no longer exist.

Quoting the documentation:

If Postbox already thinks that a message is junk, it may not let you mark it as junk—and likewise for not junk. That’s OK; it is enough to train SpamSieve by marking the messages that are misclassified in Postbox.


It allows you to mark the message as Junk.

The problem is, it doesn’t allow you to mark the message as GOOD. So, it’s impossible to train the software.

What it MAY do — and I have to try this — is allow you to treat it as GOOD from the junk folder.

Usually it allows you to do it from any folder.

It does if it thinks the message is junk. This is not how I would design it, but it’s how Postbox works.

No, it’s not, because SpamSieve automatically learns from the untrained incoming messages, and you can train any that are mistakenly classified.

Right. But don’t move good messages to the Junk mailbox just to train them as Not Junk.


We have talked via email many times before.

I have praised your software, and continue to do so.

You have been remarkably helpful over the years. I can always count on excellent support from you.