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SpamSieve PowerMail 5.5 link lost

Sunday; October 29, 2006, 07:44

Hello list,

For some reason, the connection between PowerMail 5.5 and SpamSieve seems to have been lost.

I launch PM, collect mail, SpamSieve doesn’t launch and no spam filtering occurs. If I subsequently mark mail as spam (Fly button), SpamSieve then launches.

David Gallanders

Paphos, Cyprus

Please try going through PowerMail’s the Spam Filter Assistant again, to make sure that you have two mail filters for SpamSieve. Also, you could try moving the filters to the top of the list to ensure that no other filters are interfering.

PowerMail 5.5 link lost

Will do, and will report back.

Tried that. Also, re-installed SSV, trashed preferences. Problem persists.

It’s possible that the AppleScript that PowerMail uses to evaluate spam with SpamSieve is damaged. Please try quitting PowerMail and then delete the folder:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/PowerMail

Just back from torrential thunderstorms and a 15 hour power cut.

That did the trick. PowerMail and spamSieve now co-operating properly again.

Many thanks.

David Gallanders

Paphos, Cyprus