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SpamSieve Prevents Computer Shutdown

Hi, my system:mac OS10.8x, using Spamsieve v 2.9.6
routinely now SpamSieve prevents my computer from shutting down?
What can be done? (apart from quitting spamsieve then proceed to shutdown.)
Thanks, astechman

Which mail program are you using? Are you shutting down your Mac manually or via Energy Saver?

Using Apple “Mail” program. Shutting down manually or using backup program “SuperDuper” which automatically shuts down the computer when backup is complete, yields the same result: message saying “SpamSieve, has cancelled shutdown”. I never use “Energy Saver” to shutdown. Thanks for your interest, I hope that this helps you to help me!

If you repeat the shutdown command a few seconds later, does it work, or do you get the error again?

Does the problem still occur if you set Mail to “Check for new messages” “Manually”?

I have tried to repeat the shutdown commend a few seconds later and this works…sometimes!

I have now set the mail options to check for mail manually, I will let you know how this progresses.
Thanks again for your help, Michael

Hi Michael, thanks for your suggestions; I have set my mail retrievals to ‘manual’ , not sure this has worked as mail still comes in anytime! However, SpamSieve seems to be acting normally now and shuts down when Mail shuts down and does not interfere with computer shutdown or logout. All is well now. Thanks again for all your time and help, Vic

I think this is due to your server supporting IMAP IDLE.