SpamSieve prevents the Mail app from opening!

Since installing this, there have been constant issues; now, each time I try to open my Apple Mail, SpamSieve launches with the typical window, which is also annoying. I don’t need this to launch every time I open my mail

But what’s cool is that it’s the only thing that launches! I tried every possible option of opening the app, and it’s still the same, allow me to attach a screen recording of the issue. I could not even find a support email on the website. CleanShot 2023-04-02 at 22.02.39 · CleanShot Cloud

if there’s no clear-cut solution to this ridiculous bug soon, I’m just done with this. It’s just bad news.

Thanks for the help, if any comes!

SpamSieve needs to be running in order for Mail to download new messages and have them be filtered. If you don’t want it to launch each time, you could leave it running by unchecking Quit when mail client quits in the Advanced settings.

The title of your post says that SpamSieve is preventing Mail from launching, but it’s not clear from the video why you believe this is so. We’ve never found that to be the case. What I see in the video is that SpamSieve’s background process detected that Mail started to launch and so it launched the SpamSieve app in response. It’s not clear why Mail itself didn’t finish launching and show up in the Dock.

  1. You could check the Activity Monitor app to see whether Mail is stuck in a partially launched state. If so, you could record a sample of it to see why it’s stuck.
  2. It may help to restart your Mac in safe mode.
  3. You could check whether Mail has crashed and left a crash log file.
  4. You could open the Console app and search for Mail before trying to launch Mail, and perhaps there will be something in the log that explains what’s going on.

If you click on SpamSieve on the Web site and then Support, the e-mail address is there. It’s

Or, if #4 is difficult, you could a save a diagnostic report right after Mail fails to launch.

Thanks for the help. For now, it seems to be working, and A restart fixed the opening issue, and… I cannot turn off the “purchase” prompt before I purchase on start-up, can I…?


Not without purchasing, but you can close the window or leave the app open so that it doesn’t keep popping up.