SpamSieve Public Beta and macOS 14 Sonoma

I have been using the beta versions of Spamsieve for a long time. Also, I’m using it as a drone on a server so that I can use mail without seeing any spam in my inbox on two other Macs and on my iPad and iPhone. I have set up folders to “Train as spam” and “Train as good” as described in the manual.

I am not using Sonoma beta and don’t plan on installing it before the final version.

I suppose there is no point in installing version 3 on Ventura, or maybe it won’t even work on it. Is this correct?

When I do decide to install Sonoma, should I install version 3 of Spamsieve BEFORE or AFTER installing Sonoma?

Will there be specific things to set up to use it as a drone on the server?

I suppose the manual will be updated by then and the answers to these questions will be in it, but I’d like to be sure to do things in the right order so as to avoid wasting my time and yours.

SpamSieve 3 has many improvements for Ventura, and it works all the way back to macOS 10.13 (High Sierra).

It will work either way, but I generally recommend updating SpamSieve first.

The drone setup has not changed. If you had it set up with SpamSieve 2, it should just keep working with version 3.

Thank you. All good news. I’ll install Spamsieve 3 beta ASAP :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

In the Spanish translation,
“Train as good” should be translated with phrase.
Instead of “Entrenar como Bien”, which sounds terrible, you could use “Entrenar como Válido”, “Entrenar como Bueno” or use the Outlook name: “Entrenar como Deseado”.

In Spanish even that second capital letter should not be there, just like in “Entrenar como Spam”. This happens in all menu items. Apple only includes the initial capital letter in its applications.

When Mail is selected, for the application we are using “Correo de Apple”, which is a correct translation.
But Apple in its system does not translate them for Spanish. When I’m in Safari it shows “Disponible en Apple Mail y Outlook”. You can use “Apple Mail” and people will understand it well and it is more consistent.

If you have a lot of work trying to get the application to launch without bugs, I can review a file of translation strings you send me.

Have a good day.

The Spanish translation is not ready for testing yet, but thanks for the feedback.

I have turned off the Spam Filtering on my Domain IMAP server as well. With the Spam Mailboxes pointed now at the Account Junk Mailboxes (and showing up under Favorites All Junk) things are looking great (a little training, but only about 1 miss a day; so pretty good for only 1 week of training). Also with the “Mark as Read” option, I am getting results I expect. … Great work, now the next “Required” update is for a way for me to pay you for Version 3 … Thanks again.


If I can help in any way, please contact me.

Emails put into Train as spam are just staying there. Do i need to change some settings with the beta?

The remote training script works the same way with SpamSieve 2 and SpamSieve 3. It supports two different modes. The recommended setup is for you to set SpamSieve (in the Apple Mail ‣ Training settings) to move trained spam message to Junk. If you set it that way, the remote training will just work automatically. The other mode is if you set that to something else, and then you have full control over how the remote training works (which accounts to check), but you have to manually configure them by editing the top of the script.

I tried to buy the 3.0 update, but after entering my business address and VAT tax ID, it says “Unable to validate VAT number. Please try again later.” This is more a problem of the online shop – my VAT is correct and works everywhere else.

I am paid and updated my license to v3 from 2.92. I received my email with the download link, but it is v 2.92, not v3. Where do I find the update?

Sorry about that. Yes, we can’t directly help with tax issues. It would probably be easiest to try using the FastSpring store instead. There’s a link near the top of the upgrade store page. Or, you could try contacting Paddle’s support.

If you were already using the beta, which is how you got to the store, you already have the latest version. When SpamSieve 3 is finalized, the link in your receipt e-mail will switch to downloading the release version of SpamSieve 3.

quick update. I was attempting to update my second computer which is running 2.92 with my new 3.0 upgrade. When I enter my SN name/number, it says it’s not a valid SN for 2.92. Does this computer need to be added to the beta list? I am not sure why I would have one computer running a beta and not the other.

You can click here on that computer to add it to the beta. It’s fine to run one on v2 and one on v3 if you want, though. If you are using SpamSieve with the same mail account on multiple Macs, please see this page.


Any other new extension users annoyed by this little puzzle piece icon in their Apple Mail inbox after Spam Sieve filters have been applied? It’s not actionable, has no tooltip, you can’t search against it, and if you have more than one Mail extension, then it’s even useless to tell you which extension precipitated it. This is an Apple thing, so I submitted feedback here: Feedback - Mail - Apple . If you agree that the icon adds unnecessary clutter, I hope you’ll take the time to do the same!
Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 7.55.08 AM

SpamSieve 3 is now out of beta!

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I don’t find it particularly useful since it doesn’t say which extension it relates to. If you want, you can turn off the SpamSieve extension in Mail and then add your inboxes to Filter spam messages in other mailboxes and then you won’t get the puzzle piece icon because the messages will be moved by SpamSieve itself rather than the extension.