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Spamsieve Purchase

I tried to buy spamsieve two times and received an error message saying the purchase was not complete!
Than my credit card sent me to SMS saying the card was charged by C command software two times…

Need some help here…is it a reliable company?

I do not see any completed orders for you, so I think the error message that you saw was correct. My guess is that the SMS you got referred to the credit card pre-authorization but that it didn’t actually make any charges. Sometimes the pre-authorization will show up on your card statement for a few days before it disappears automatically. Obviously, if it does not disappear, please let me know and I’ll get it straightened out.

It sounds like our primary credit card processor doesn’t like your card for some reason. You could try placing your order via the secondary online store.

purchase bug!
It seems that your primary credit card processor needs improvement!
The secondary worked perfectly!
Try to fire the primary and promote the secondary as VP-CCP (Vice President-Credit Crad Processor)!!!


Sorry for the order trouble, but I’m glad you were able to get it to work. In order to prevent fraud, the different credit card processors have different means of verifying cards, and unfortunately both of them will reject a certain small percentage of valid cards. The good news is that what doesn’t work with one will usually work with the other.