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SpamSieve Rocks!

I’m stupified by the accuracy of SpamSieve.

After training it on a few dozen good and bad messages I had sitting around in mailboxes, it’s identified hundreds of new messages as junk and a couple of dozen as valid. SpamSieve has not yet made a single false-positive or false-negative error. I didn’t think a filter like this could possibly work so well.

Thunderbird and Mail have rather similar adaptive filters. I thought SpamSieve would be a little better. Even that would have been worthwhile. SpamSieve’s filter is on a different planet from Eudora, Mail and Thunderbird – there’s just no comparison.

If Apple is smart, they’ll buy your technology for many millions and add it to Mail as a standard feature. This is too good to be inexpensive shareware.

I’ll send in my registration. It would be a bargain at $100 more.


Re: SpamSieve Rocks
Hi attaboy,

In my case, I receive around 500 pieces of unsolicited emails, on a “good” day (don’t even ask how many I receive on a bad day).

Although Eudora is my email client, I was using my ISP’s Webmail interface to filter spam on my email account, before I downloaded the email into Eudora on my hard drive. I set my ISP’s junk mail filter to 10 (the highest rating) and it “still” wasn’t getting the job done. I still had to visually check the spam because good messages were finding their way into the spam folder, as well as spam finding it’s way into my Inbox.

I saw a video by Chris Breen on Macworld.com extolling the virtues of SpamSieve and I decided to download and tryout the fully functional 30-day trial.

With the shear volume of spam I receive every day, within a 3-day period SpamSieve was performing at 96.8% accuracy. I am blown away by the power of this software.

Now that I have the “Caped Crusader” of spam fighters, checking my email has been a joy, instead of a chore.



P.S. The “best” $30 I ever spent…!!!

It didn’t work for me
I don’t know why everyone is raving about it, maybe I did something wrong, but I followed the instructions to the T and it barely works. Most of the spam goes straight to my inbox, while maybe 2 or 3 messages each day end up in the junk mail folder. I tried it out for the full 30 days and it just didn’t work, very disappointed. I get around 50 spam messages a day through my business account, next to none through my ISP as they have some powerful filtering going on at their end. So out of 50 I might be lucky if it catches 5 and that was after training it constantly about spam messages. I would buy this program if it worked, but it didn’t for me. Any suggestions about any other software or maybe some other options I didn’t try out?

Re: It didn’t work for me
Hi KeyDesignz,

Sorry the software isn’t working for you, but in my case it’s up to 99% accuracy. In my case, the shear volume of spam I receive every day, is being recognized and filtered beautifully by SpamSieve. Maybe you need to give it a little more time to train itself to filter your spam.



P.S. I’m not affiliated with c-command.com or SpamSieve in any way. I’m just one satisfied customer.

I wish that you had contacted support as the instructions suggest doing if you don’t see immediate results. In every case I’ve seen where it wasn’t work working, something wasn’t setup properly, and it was usually a very quick fix. If you go ahead and purchase it now, I’ll help you set it up, and I’ll offer a refund if it doesn’t end up working to your satisfaction.

By the way, this page explains some common setup problems and this one explains how to get help.