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SpamSieve rule always gets disabled on Mail relaunch


Longtime SpamSieve user here… I have several email accounts with a SpamSieve rule set up for each of them. Everything worked fine for years but ever since upgrading to Mojave, I’ve noticed that one (and always the same one) rule always gets unchecked when I re-launch Mail. The rule is properly configured, it just won’t stay enabled across relaunches.

Any ideas what the issue may be here?


Is SpamSieve telling you that it deactivated the rule because the plug-in isn’t enabled? Or is it more like Mail is just forgetting that the rule is active?

I have the same problem. It’s like: launch Mail, SpamSieve tells me its plugin has been disabled. Quit Mail. Launch Mail, SpamSieve tells me its plugin has been enabled. The other plugins I have are SmallCubed, and DEVONthink. I’ve disabled (completely uninstalled) SmallCubed but the off-and-on behavior of SpamSieve was not fixed.

This started when I updated to 10.14.1. Rebooting the machine has no effect.

The plugin is enabled but this one particular rule becomes disabled (unchecked) every time I relaunch Mail. All of my other SpamSieve rules (I have 6 total, including the one that keeps getting deactivated) remain active. The rule itself otherwise remains configured as is (i.e., move everything to the Junk folder).

Please see If SpamSieve Tells You the Plug-In Isn’t Loading, But It Is.

Do you get an alert window telling you that SpamSieve deactivated that rule?

No, the plugin remains activated. I’ve confirmed that by checking its status in Mail preferences. Like I said, it’s this one rule that keeps getting deactivated…

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.29.13 AM.png

Oh, and no alert that anything’s been deactivated (whether from SpamSieve or Mail). This particular rule just silently reverts to deactivated each time I relaunch Mail.

OK, you seem to be seeing a different issue than korm. In your case, there may be a file permissions or iCloud problem that is preventing Mail from saving that the rule is enabled. Please send in a diagnostic report, and I can take a closer look.

It looks like the rules activation state is getting saved to disk, so not a file permissions problem. It may help to delete the SpamSieve rule and create a new one (that’s equivalent). Then Mail will give it a new ID number. Sometimes that helps it to remember which rules are active.

That seems to have worked. The only minor issue is that the ordering of this new rule doesn’t stick across relaunches (i.e., I usually keep this rule at the top but upon relaunching Mail, it gets moved below a previously existing rule). I’m guessing there might be something going on with my rules in general… guessing maybe I’d be better off resetting Mail’s preferences and rules. Not sure what’s going on, but everything works so I’m happy and keeping things the way they are. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help, Michael!

If you don’t need your rules to sync to another Mac, you could try turning of iCloud rule syncing by unchecking System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Options… > Mail.