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SpamSieve Rule in Mail Deactivated at Each Launch

Hi, I don’t know if this is the right topic but my SpamSieve rule is always deactivated every time I start mail app. This happened after a clean installation of Catalina. Every time I open mail I get the message that either the plugin is disabled (which is not the case) of mail is not open. Its frustrating every time to have to go and enable the rule. Is there any workaround/solution for this issue?
Thank you

How are you determining that the plug-in is not disabled? Do you see the SpamSieve commands in Mail’s Message menu?

About how long does it take for Mail to launch?

Hi, mail open fast but I always get the massage to either continue or relaunch. So I go with continue and I check the plugin state (and it’s active) then I go to rules and Spam sieve is disabled.

and yes I see the commands too

Do you mean the alert from the system saying that Mail crashed the last time, and so are you sure you want to restore its saved state?

That’s good. OK, please click this link. This will tell SpamSieve to allow more time for Mail to launch. That may fix the problem.

If not, I’ll need some more information to see what’s happening here. You could click this link to enable some additional debug logging and then send a diagnostic report after the next time you get the error message from SpamSieve about it deactivating the rule.

Hi again, the screenshot shows the message I m receiving


SpamSieve Diagnostic Report.tbz (2.08 MB)

Thanks for the report. It looks like the plug-in is enabled but that you may also have a second copy of the plug-in installed, which is at a different version. That the versions are different is making SpamSieve think it’s not enabled. If this is in fact what’s happening, I think it would help to disable the plug-in in Mail’s preferences, restart Mail, and then enable it again.

“- disable the plug-in in Mail’s preferences, restart Mail, and then enable it again”

Hi, in an effort to solve this I did try these steps yesterday and it worked (so far). My next step would be to completely remove and re install but I m not there yet. If things change I will update the topic for future reference.

Thank you for your time, much appreciated!


Stelios L.