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Spamsieve says 4 good messages but there is only 1

I’ve owned Spamsieve for a while. It now shows 4 good messages in Spamsieve growl when I only have one in my inbox. I’ve tried deleting the envelope.index but it does not work. Does anyone have any advice?

I’ve seen cases where a message will get “stuck” on the server. Mail will keep downloading it and running it through SpamSieve, but it won’t actually store or display multiple copies of the message, so the total in SpamSieve won’t match the total in the inbox.

You can see whether this is the case by checking SpamSieve’s log to see if the same message is “Predicted: Good” over and over again. If so, you should be able to log into your account with Web mail to delete the offending message.

ok so I feel a little stupid. This trick did not work , but thank you anyway. I looked at my “rules” and for some reason there were 4 spamseive rules all clicked. I unclicked 3 of them and now it is fixed.

Yeah, I had been assuming that your setup matched the manual, but if you have multiple SpamSieve rules Mail will run the messages through it multiple times, so they’ll be counted more than once.