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SpamSieve seems to crash Mail under Yosemite when checking Gmail

Hello -

Since upgrading to Yosemite, I’ve had sporadic problems with Mail crashing when it checks all my accounts on opening. I’m using 10.10.1 with SpamSieve 2.9.18. The problem seems to occur when checking one of my gmail accounts - it doesn’t happen if I remove SpamSieve. The Junk Mail filter is off in Mail. I’ve tied rebuilding my mailboxes, rebooting, etc., and these only provide temporary relief. Things seemed to stabilize after the latest SpamSieve update, but it just started to happen again. Any help or suggestions you can provide would be most welcome. I’ve been using SpamSieve for years with no problems…

This is probably due to Mail’s junk mail filter having a damaged database file. Please see the What can I do if Apple Mail is crashing? page.

Worked for a bit, now totally crashing again
Hello -

Your suggestion of trashing the junk mail database helped for a while, but now Mail is crashing on startup. Nothing seems to be helping. I get this message on the Problem Report. It appears to be looking for the Junk mail folder but isn’t finding it, but I can’t get Mail to open long enough to adjust any settings. Any ideas you might have would be most appreciated.

Application Specific Information:
*** Terminating app due to exception while holding database lock ‘NSInternalInconsistencyException’, reason: ‘<MFEWSStore: 0x6100003e0800 (mailbox=<MFMailbox:0x7fec73c1e360 (relative path=Junk E-Mail, attributes=0, displayName=PURDUE uuid=06EE6430-9391-4B46-AE0A-48A57F242A3A)>)> is not a Library IMAP store’
abort() called

Thanks in advance…

This second crash is due to a bug in the Yosemite version of Mail. It only affects Exchange accounts. It might help to rebuild Mail’s main database or to start up Mail with your Internet connection turned off or unplugged.

I’ve been deleting all the Envelope Index files for a month and a half now due to the crashing, sometimes multiple times in a day. One thing I noticed is that if I click on the reply arrow on an email (the curved one that indicates that the message has been replied to), it says that it can’t find the reply, even though it’s clearly in the Sent folder, and says it may have been deleted. Any ideas as to what that is about? I know Apple has seeded a new beta that hopefully will address these issues. I should note that the crashing is only on one of my computers - the other one is fine, although it also exhibits the weird “lost reply” behavior…

Thanks again for the help.

I haven’t seen that before. It sounds like a bug in Mail.