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SpamSieve simply not working!!!!!!!!


I have downloaded the trial of SpamSieve and been running it for about 5-7 days.

I have been teaching it rules but right now it does not appear to be doing anything!

IN statistics it says Filtered Mail
0 good
0 Spam
0 Spam per day

the only section that does show anything is Corpus, no idea what this is but it says
1 Good
21 Spam

I probably get 40-80 emails per day so this does not seem right however I look at it!!!

Am I do king something wrong?



This means that the mail program has not asked SpamSieve to filter any incoming messages.

This means that you trained SpamSieve with 1 good message and 21 spam messages (which is not the recommended ratio).

Yes, it looks like the setup in your mail program is not correct. Which one are you using?


I am using Apple Mail, I have installed the extension.

I am running OS X 10.10.3 with all updates etc. installed.

Any ideas?



Please see Checking the Apple Mail Setup to make sure that you have created and tested the rule.


Okay I have the SpamSieve commands in Messages, so that is all setup correctly.

I selected an email in Inbox and did the Learn as Spam, which moved it to my Spam folder.

I moved it back and did the Apply Rules bit but the message did not move!

If I look in Rules, there are no SpamSieve Rules so I have no idea why this would work anyway??



Okay, so I suppose I should have read the manual!!!

I installed the plus-in and assumed this was my work done, what I had not realised was there was the extra step of creating a Rule for SpamSieve!!!

I have now done this and running Apply Rules did indeed move the Spammy email.

Now I will wait and see what happens with new inbound emails!!!

Many thanks for the help.